Scew Thread Fitting

Screw Thread Fitting meets the guidelines of ISO 4144, BS21 and ISO 7-1. ISO 4144 has been used worldwide since its publication in 1979. Precision casting technologies have begun to be applied to the production of stainless steel castings. Stainless steel fittings threaded in accordance with ISO 7-1.

  • Size DN15 – 100 (1/2” – 4”) compatible with Stainless Steel Pipe to BS 6362
  • Fittings to ISO 4144.
  • Exstock in Grade 316 for fitting and 316L or pipe. (Grade 304 is also available for batch ordering)
  • Working pressure up to 20 bar.
  • Suitable for aboveground and underground.
  • BS21/ ISO 7-1 threads fittings where pressure-tight joints are made on the threads